Storage Box
Checker Plate Storage Box
Storage Basket
Front Tray
Checker Plate
Rock Guard
14" Ultra Rims
15" Ultra Rims
14" Mumba Rims
15" Mumba Rims
14" Element Rims
15" Element Rims
Round Checker Plate Fenders
Square Checker Plate Fenders
Painted Fenders
Power Inverter
Bigger 31 Group Battery
Bigger Gel Battery
Electric Brakes
Electric Brake Controller
(+$380 / Included with Front Box)
Max Coupler
5LB Mounted Propane Tank
Childs Bunk
Interior Cabinet Doors
Extra Hatch Cabinets
Fridge Drawer-
Open Front
Fridge Drawer-
Closed Front
Stove Drawer-
Open Front
Stove Drawer - Closed Front
Camp Stove
Dometic Refrigerator / Freezer
Hanging Table -
Driver Side
Hanging Table - Passenger Side
Wing Table -
Driver Side
Wing Table - Passenger Side
Straight Table - Driver Side
Straight Table - Passenger Side
Corner Shelf with Hooks
Goose Neck Reading Light
Drink Holders
Sliding Tablet Shelf
Roof Rack
Bike Rack Receiver
Steps for Roof Access
Solar Panel
Mounted TV DVD Combo
Rooftop Tent
Side Tent
Stainless Steel
Typhoon Ice Laminate
Winter Carnival Laminate
Rare Earth Laminate
Summer Carnival Laminate
Bahia Granite Laminate
Side Decal - Small
Side Decal - Large
Rear Decal - Small
Rear Decal - Large
Gnome on a Budget (GOB) Configurator
Backcountry GOB Configurator
Cruiser Configurator
Wanderer Configurator
Yukon Configurator
Rotate by clicking and dragging any direction with mouse or finger on touchscreen devices.

with the mouse scroll wheel or by pinching two fingers on touchscreen devices.'

Select an Option by clicking on the grey circle next to the option. When selected the icon will highlight blue. Click the blue icon to remove the option. Please note, some options will be auto-selected based on your selections. ex; a rooftop tent will require a roof rack.

Learn More About an Option by clicking or tapping on the small question mark icon (?) next to the selection icons. This will bring you to a page specific to the item.

Switch Cameras between the inner and outer views by clicking or tapping on the camera icon.

Open or Close the Hatch by clicking or tapping on the up and down arrow icon.

Switch Base Model by clicking or tapping on the trailer icon.

Save Current View as an Image by clicking or tapping on the download photo icon.

Enjoy your creation and remember to Live a Little!