Becoming a champion is only a matter of unlocking potential. Sport Court UK build places to dream, places where athletes of all sizes and abilities can shape themselves into what they can become. Build your Sport Court and bring the game home.


Court Size


Small shooting practice area to full size international standard Netball Courts. Take outdoor netball to the next level.

From small driveway key courts, through official 3x3 half courts and giant full basketball courts. PowerGame+ is the surface of choice for serious outdoor ballers.

The French and German football federations are training their next generations on PowerGame+. The perfect surface for skills training and player development.

Court prices include PowerGame+ surface, edging and corner strips and hand painted line markings.

Constant resurfacing is a thing of the past following an upgrade to PowerGame+ tennis. Fast courts with unrivaled shock attenuation and patented Lateral Forgiveness.

Take handball outdoors with PowerGame+.

FIVB approved outdoor volleyball surfaces bridge the gap between sports halls and the beach.

COURT Colours

Design a court that makes an impression.

Key Colour


Court Colour


Run-Off Colour


Choose Your  Hoop


Hands down the best hoops available. Watch Coach Maitland explain why you need a Mega Slam Hoop on your court.

Fast transitions between your favourite sports with the Sport Court Multi-Sport Net System.


Sure shot portable and in-ground netball goals.

Portable Netball Goal


An ideal unit for young players featuring a wide, sturdy base and 15” (38cm) steel ring.

Add to court

In-Ground Netball Goal


Full size netball unit. complete with a ring that ‘extends’ from the main pole itself.

2x Premium 100mm Aluminium 1.8 x 1.2m Freestanding Training Goals
1x Premium 100mm Aluminium 1.8 x 1.2m Freestanding Training Goals
2x Premium 100mm Aluminium 2 x 3m Freestanding Futsal Goals
These goals are designed to be used and easily maneuvered on PowerGame+ Futsal surfaces. When raised, the four wheels give excellent ground clearance with internal weights allowing instant, safe use.

Built with reinforced 80mm sq. x 2.5mm powder coated aluminium, with steel folding net supports designed for a free-hanging net. Complete with lock-on synthetic net hooks.


Court Components

Hands down the best basketball hoops available. Include a Mega Slam Hoop on your court and choose optional lighting, sound and multi-sport upgrades.


Enhance your on-court experience with a multi-sport net system, court lighting, sounds and containment.

Light up the night with the 12k lumen Game Light. More info..
Light Up the Night with the Game Light® from Mega Slam Hoops. The powerful LED lighting system that lights up your Sport Court without drawing a foul on your energy bill. Compatible with both the Mega Slam 60 and 72 Hoop Systems.

What’s included: 
LED 12K-Lumen Light Fixture
Light connector & power cord
Galvanized & powder-coated steel light pole assembly
Weather resistant mounting parts & hardware

Learn more on the Game Light product page.

Multi-Sport Net System

Rapid transitions between your favourite sports. More info..
The Sport Court UK Multi-Sport Net System combines a height adjustable aluminum Game Pole with a premium quality multi-sport net. Add the Multi-Sport Net System to play tennis, short tennis, badminton and volleyball on your court. 

What’s included: 
Height adjustable Game Pole and net winch
Anodised aluminium all-weather proof coating
Multi-sport Edward’s Net 

Learn more on the Multi-Sport Net product page (opens in new tab).
Keep flowers and windows safe from stray basketballs. More Info..
The Net Protect® netting system keeps more missed shots on the court. Made for all free-standing Mega Slam Hoops, the Net Protect® makes a safer game for everyone. Reduce the need for chasing balls into the street or landscaping all day long.
Spanning 3.6m wide and 3m high, the Net Protect will stop most missed shots and especially those of your tiny pros.

Built with a tough steel frame and outdoor UV-rated nylon, the Net Protect® will hold up through the scorching summers, rainy springs, and frozen winters.
Easily assembled, the system can be removed and stored when not in use.

What’s included: 
Massive UV-coated 3.6’x3m Net
Galvanized steel and powder coated net assembly
Weather resistant mounting parts & hardware

Learn more on the Net Protect product page.

Court Audio System

Bose Environment Speaker bracket on your Hoop. More info..
Get the party started or wind down at the end of your day with the Mega Slam Court Audio System. Suspend a pair of Bose 251’s from your Mega Slam Hoop for immersive on-court sound. Who doesn’t like shooting dimes to beats? 

What’s included: 
Clamp, plates and hardware fixings for the Bose 251s model Galvanized steel and powder coated  Weather resistant mounting parts & hardware

Learn more on the Court Audio product page.

Futsal Training Goal

With Target Net. More info..
Add these 1.8x 1.2m Futsal Training Goals to your Sport Court featuring Goal Target training-aid. The Goal Targets help players build scoring muscle memory.
Better than a stand-in Goalie, our Futsal Training Goals will: 
Provide players maximum shooting reps with instant feedback.
Act as a rebounder when you miss.
Train vision and muscle memory needed to increase scoring percentages.
Setup in seconds.

What’s included: 
Aluminium weather resistant Goal frame 
Highest quality containment netting
Sport Court Goal Target training-aid

Learn more on the Futsal Goals product page.

COURT Sub-Base

PowerGame+ plays best on hard, flat and level sub-structures. Hoop, net and goal systems must be installed on a solid sub-base. (See our Sub-Base FAQ). Please indicate which of the following 4 options apply to you:

1. I need a Fully managed court sub-base installation.

Your sport court project begins by booking a site survey with one of our nationwide specialist court builders.
Learn more about what's involved during our site surveys and the information that can shape the overall cost of your sub-base installation.
Select this option and we'll be in touch to arrange your site survey, charged at £149.95. The site survey fee is redeemable against the cost of your court, component or hoop system purchase from either www.sportcourt.uk or www.megaslamhoops.uk
2. I intend to self-build or subcontract my sub-base installation.

If you have a preferred contract who can achieve the requisite flatness, we can provide necessary technical specifications. Our team is always on hand to chat with your court installation crew.

Complete the next steps and we'll send everything you need to get started on your sub-base construction.
3. I already have a suitably flat court sub-base.

Excellent! You're nearly ready to play. We always like to check customers' sub-structures are suitable before a court surface is installed.

You'll receive an email with details on how we can help to ensure you enjoy all the game play and safety benefits of your PowerGame+ court.
4. I'm not ready to start my court project, but sign me up for Sport Court UK news and offers.


Thank you for completing the 3D Court Builder. Complete the details below and we'll be in touch to talk about your sport court.

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